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PI-FAN, progetto didattico
PI-FAN, progetto didattico

PI-FAN, progetto didattico

Projects entirely hand-made by us (Ial fvg students) in our fablab at school.
Thanks to our professors we have turned our IDEA and THOUGHT into BIT. The draw, through the 2D and 3 D modelling software, has been processed in ATOM. We have realized prototypes through 3D printers, laser cutting and firmware creating, from scratch, programmed electronic circuit boards.
PI-FAN is a plan with an automated changeable inclination. The scope is to show the physical parameters in use. This facilitates the understanding and study of the friction, speed, acceleration, force of gravity and the weight of the object that is rolling down the surface.

PI-FAN, progetto didattico


These students will be the future makers, those that keep the secrets of the crafts with the knowledge of the new technologies

  D40 (pav. 5) - Istituto Professionale IAL FVG - Pordenone (PN)

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