Exhibitors 2019



This CURRENT GENERATION of students want their learning to make a difference in the world. There are1.3 Billion people in the world who live in light poverty and do not have access to clean light once the sunsets. Canadian students from Riverview High School, with help from their global peers, design, solder, and 3D print clean sources of light to address UN SDG of Quality Education (#4) and Clean Energy (#7).

Come to our student-run booth to solder components to our circuit board or help us design a new case so that we can send many “Made-by-the-Participants-of-the-European MakerFaire” lights. Perhaps this is something your local school would like to begin.


Riverview High School, Science 10, Physics 12

Ian Fogarty and students yet to be determined.

  D48 (pav. 5) - www.CurrentGeneration.org

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