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Innovative and accessible foot orthotics

Medere is an innovative startup founded by three medical engineers with the aim of bringing innovation to the medical devices and daily wellness sector. The proposed project has as its mission the creation of personalised custom-made foot orthotics at a competitive price and a high quality using the IoT and 3D printing. Medere created an automated system with which every user can, from the comfort of their own home and using a common smartphone, order and receive a customised and tailored foot orthotics that suits their needs.

Innovative and accessible foot orthotics

Raffaele Ferrante, CEO. Daniele Bianchi, CTO. Marco Mannisi CPO.

Medere is an innovative start-up delivering innovative solutions in the field of MEdical DEvices and REsearch. Medere has extensive expertise in imaging analysis, programming, CAD design, 3D printing, musculoskeletal modelling, gait analysis, programming and computer simulations. These skills come together in the realisation of high-quality and innovative foot orthotics. Meder was founded and registered in Italy in December 2018 by three friends with a background in Biomedical Engineering: Raffaele Ferrante, Daniele Bianchi and Marco Mannisi. The three friends come from different previous work experiences: Raffaele Ferrante worked in the R&D department of an SME focusing on programming, image analysis and management; Dr Daniele Bianchi is a post-doc researcher at Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne focusing on constitutive modelling and numerical simulation; Dr Mannisi focused his research on application of 3D printed custom-made foot-orthotics in the management of knee osteoarthritis. In 2017, the team met in the context of the annual meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics and decided to join to overcome the main limitations in the production of custom-made foot orthotics. The team already gains interest from the public and private investors and companies and the idea has been awarded in several competitions. The mission of Medere is to create accessible and low-cost custom-made medical devices and medical technology to improve significantly patients’ experience and quality of life. Allowing every person to get the best solution, with creativity and innovation, is the engine that pushed the founders during the development of their personal careers.

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