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The passion for music and the search for new sounds leads many musicians to undertake courageous paths of research and experimentation. MusicFabLab is an initiative for all young people who share a passion for music and for the maker world. From the personalization of electro-acoustic instruments to experiments on audio / video equipment modified within the fablab. The activities concern acoustics, production/mix, circuit bending, all within a laboratory equipped as a true audio control room. At the Maker Faire an example of interactive installation with plants and Arduino sensors.



Enzo Cimino / FabLabRoma/InnovationGym

Drummer since childhood, I owe my training to the music academy and to my teacher Angel Tripodo. Sound engineer since my youth, with many experiences from the age of 14 in the studio and live. After the end of high school I leave Sicily and I, I keep active the musical / technical activity, I worked in team to realizing sound installations. The discovery of the Arduino platform (thanks to his friend Mattei Ini) expands above all the possibilities of research through the integration of more sensor technologies with the increasingly clear aim of deepening the themes of interactivity and contact with the external / internal world aimed at increase the perception of sensations, respect for the body and consequently the environment around us.
In collaboration with the FabLabRoma-InnovationGym of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, developing the MusicFablab project to give more people the opportunity to carry out sound research and experimentation in the audio / video field.

  D5 (pav. 7) - Fondazione Mondo Digitale

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