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High Tech Mirror
High Tech Mirror

High Tech Mirror

Hi Tech mirror is an interactive and multimedia mirror, customizable in format, design and technology. Hi tech mirror transforms the classic mirror into an interactive, high-design multimedia device. The mirror becomes an information tool, web interaction and allows the activation of video, audio and text content. Imagine brushing your teeth in front of your mirror in the bathroom and receiving weather news, viewing the time and being able to listen to your favorite web radio or your all news 24 / h channel. Imagine putting the mirror in your living room and having a TV if necessary. Imagine setting up a shop with virtual dressing rooms, you can wear clothes without trying them every time.

High Tech Mirror

Spazio Geco

Spazio Geco was born in 2013 as FabLab and Coworking pavese oriented to the aggregation of
highly specialized skills and knowledge in fields such as the Internet of Things and innovation
of product. From 2015 the interest of the main members of the enterprising forge of ideas is yes
directed towards the design and implementation of innovative installations in the field of
enhancement of cultural and environmental assets. Starting from digital craftsmanship and use
of open source technologies, the "gechi" of Pavia have made numerous interventions on museums and
places of culture and scientific dissemination of the territory and beyond. Among the main ones
skills at work on different fronts include experienced automation engineers and
programmers, architects, designers and communication experts. To this is added one
characterizing "humanistic component": art historians, archaeologists, naturalists and experts of
teaching, able to relate with competence and intuition with the world of cultural heritage e
environmental. Heritage education and its fruition are in a strong moment
evolution: Spazio Geco is at the service of this change, with great attention
to the needs of operators in the sector. Between 2017 and 2018 the work team has been enriched with
new components and this young creative enterprise has achieved an important facilitation
(FUNDER35) aimed at expanding human and instrumental resources.
Among the main set-ups completed or in progress:

• Implementation and implementation of 4 interactive multimedia totems (with components)
tactile in 3D printing) within the Cast Project (http://museicivici.pavia.it/cast/#/)
• Realization of the 3D copy (1: 1 scale) of the Egyptian Mummy present in the Collection
Museum and Gipsoteca of the University of Pavia (2017);
• Preparation of the augmented reality app related to the enhancement of the rotor of the
Vaprio D'Adda Hydroelectric Power Station, at the Electrical Technology Museum
of the University of Pavia (2017);
• Restructuring of the "Stories and Characters of the Orphanages" Room within the
Museum Martinitt and Stelline of Milan and installation (portrait
interactive) linked to Prince Antonio Tolomeo Trivulzio (2017), now in the Museum e
previously on display at the exhibition "The Prince and the Sovereign", on the figure
of the Milanese noble and his relations with Maria Teresa of Austria, held at
the Milan State Archive from 3/11/2017 to 31/12/2017.
• Technical arrangement and hire of devices for the mixed reality (Hololens viewers) on
order of the Ca ’Foscari University of Venice for the preparation of an exhibition
temporary (December 2017).
• Arrangement of an interactive display case with controlled lighting for the use of
textile goods (difficult to preserve) at the Martinitt and Stelline Museum in Milan
(February 2018).
• Set up of a holographic system with RFID tag activation for valorisation
of a fossil find (Cassinisia) at the Civic Museum of Natural History of Morbegno
(Sondrio) (January 2018).
• Realization of the entire interactive multimedia set-up (via touch tables)
screens containing various levels of detail on the contents) of the Codex Room
Miniati of the Diocesan Museum of Brescia (November 2018).
• Creation of an introductory video and an 'interactive room sheet' for the Museum
Civico di Pavia (December 2018).
• Creation of two environmental video installations for the Monza Civic Museum
(December 2018).
• Creation of an interactive table on Roman urban planning at the Museum
Archaeological Museum (February 2019).
• Creation of an interactive table on the history and traditions of Tirano at the Museum
Ethnographic Tiranese (inauguration May 2019).
• Creation of four video-guide guides for the Museo delle Grigne in Esino Lario.
The project combines the use of storytelling and gamification in order to facilitate
fruition for the school public (inauguration May 2019).
• Design and implementation of immersive video installations for the Valtellinese Museum
of History and Art of Sondrio (opening scheduled for June 2019).
• Preparation of a tactile audio-guide (using a map printed in.)
3d in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
of the University of Pavia) for the creation of a path for the visually impaired
at the Museum of Electrical Technology of the University of Pavia
(inauguration scheduled for November 2019).

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