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Boboto is a Benefit Company, certified B Corp. Its main projects are "3D Montessori" and "Coding & Digital Citizenship". "Montessori 3D" has as its objective the accessibility of the Montessori method through the development and production of Montessori materials, with new technologies, to reduce costs. "Coding & Digital Citizenship" aims to enhance computational thinking in children, through workshops that promote an active and conscious use of technology, developing skills and abilities, in new media, that are rooted in human values of respect, empathy and prudence.



Iliana Morelli has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Perugia and specialize with two Masters, one in "Events Organization and one in "Coordination of Children's Services".
On 2016, she founded Boboto srl, a company certified B CORP. Boboto celebrates the world of children and develops projects that can have a strong social impact on educational issues. Each project is motivated by the conviction that every child deserves the same opportunities, the same rights, the same guarantees.
She is a trainer on innovative teaching methods, coding and educational robotics and also for the Montessori Italia Foundation, of which she is a reference point in southern Italy. It promotes and carries out workshops for children and young people on Montessori and computational thinking in schools and for public and private bodies. He has published several online and editorial publications on Montessori and on the conscious use of new technologies.


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