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RAGB Light
RAGB Light

RAGB Light

RAGB Light is a project that involved the creation of two platforms, currently made of wood, connected to a 5-meter LED strip.
The aim of the project is to make people do physical activity through a simple game and to simulate a racing track, made up of LEDs, engaging and competitive.

How does it work?
To slide the LEDs on the strip you will have to run on the platforms, in this way we actively and physically involve the players through a competition game with their opponent, to win in fact you will have to run faster than the other player.

RAGB Light

Sonia Zaru, Valentina Rossi, Grazia Faleschini

Siamo 3 ragazze che si sono conosciute al Quasar Institute of Advanced Design di Roma e che si sono trovate insieme nel corso triennale di Interaction Design.
Siamo molto interessate a tutto ciò che riguarda la programmazione, la creazione di un interfaccia interattiva e ci piace molto creare.

  H7 (pav. 6) - Sonia Zaru, Grazia Faleschini, Valentina Rossi

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