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Inclusive Tea House
Inclusive Tea House

Inclusive Tea House

The project begun from the Idea of a family who lives in my town, Cento (Fe), to realize an activity to value the qualities of their young daughter with disability in the labour market. The goal was the one to open a Tea House for including youth with disabilities in the community and to enrich the town area.
When I knew about this idea I decided to support this project through the design of products for facilitating the future workers in their tasks, enabling them to work with less difficulties as possible.
A Human Centered approach, sensibility to inclusion, sustainability and empathy allowed me to be in contact as much as possible with the main actors of this project, designing for and WITH them.

Inclusive Tea House

Elena Colombo

I am Elena Colombo a 24 years old young, creative, openminded and inclusive product designer from Ferrara, Italy.
The things I’ve done in life up to now helped me realize what I was born for: help society through my creativity, skill to reach and share informations and make people able to communicate between each other without barriers. There is nothing more satisfying than helping others and answer to their needs.
In fact, I have graduated in Industrial Product Design from the University of Ferrara. This field of study has given me a lot of opportunities for growing and understanding my attitudes. Those three years of university challenged my abilities, broke my limits and improved my personality. I really like the research part of this job cause it needs to create empathy with people while working with them and listening to their needs with the aim of solving their problems. 

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