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Torrone 2.0  Crockabile by Meltz.it
Torrone 2.0  Crockabile by Meltz.it

Torrone 2.0 Crockabile by Meltz.it

Torrone Friabile 2.0 -CROCKABILE- is a product that comes from the future.
Inspired in nature and handcrafted with the best hazelnuts from Piemonte, this product aims to communicate to users (consumers) not only through packaging and graphics but through the shape of the Torrone itself.
The shape of this torrone is the result of a deep research on Food Design and how morphology of food interacts with expectation and perception of consumers. Along the development process different materials, tests, prototypes and aided computer designed softwares had been implemented together with 3d printing, CNC, and other less sophisticated mold making techniques
Taking a closer look, one can imagine the Monviso and the mountains around it, not far from the hazelnut plantations and the honeycomb pattern, which completes that characteristic flavour we all know recognise in high quality Torrone.
But maybe the most important interpretation, morphologically speaking, has to do with the crumbly texture of Torrone conveyed in the design.

Torrone 2.0  Crockabile by Meltz.it

Sebastian Melnitzky

Sebastian Melnitzky, 2​0/08/1987 Argentinian.​A​dvocated to Gastronomy at 13
years old and graduated as a chef at the early age of 17, Sebastian has found the sense of life by discovering new flavours every day. At that age, in the suburbs of the China Town in Buenos Aires, he found himself in a cultural melting pot where he faced the challenge of understanding the food culture of different communities and -How they understand food?.
He defines himself as someone who is crazy creative, lives in the future, innate designer, puzzle solver and is part of the Maker movement: “Life is all about materialising ideas”. Everything in his fridge is an experiment.
After he graduated as a Chef he Studied Management In the University Of Palermo in Buenos Aires where he made a research about Taste from a neurological point of view and trying to explain the factors that influence our perception. Moved to Italy to graduate in the University of Gastronomic Sciences where he gained a more holistic point of view by making a thesis on “Food innovation through design thinking” that includes his paper “Crossmodal correspondence between food, shape and culture”. The focus during this study where mostly focused on explaining -What shapes our food? and the development of food products with innovative shapes, functions and production processes with materials like cheese, chocolate, nougat, and wafers among others. Today he works as food product developer and collaborated with different food factories in Italy (among which Barilla, in the field of food for kids) and smaller scale cheese producers who are interested in innovation.
He graduated in the Food Innovation Program 2nd level Master degree in Reggio Emilia, Italy and founded www.Meltz.it and www.Crockabile.it to continue working in the development of better food products.

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