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Funghi Espresso
Funghi Espresso

Funghi Espresso

Funghi Espresso is an innovative startup, which produces fresh mushrooms in a sustainable and natural way, using the coffee grounds from the bars and restaurants of the territory as a substrate for the cultivation. In addition to the production of fresh mushrooms, Funghi Espresso is specialized in the production of substrate ready for mushroom cultivation (kit).
The model is inspired by the Funghi Espresso is Blue Economy theory (developed by the economist Gunter Pauli), where the waste of a production cycle is reused in other production cycles, in an effect called a "cascade". The production systems therefore are not seen in a distinct and separate from each other, but in an integrated way, where the waste from a production cycle may be recovered or recycled in another production cycle to generate new energy, new wealth and new work.
Funghi Espresso, encourages reuse and introducing the concept of "Urban Farming", where agricultural production is located near the city, in order to reuse the waste that it produces (coffee grounds ) and give the city the same food with high nutritional value, such as mushrooms.
Funghi Espresso is a system where there are no waste but resources. The substrate after the cultivation finished become an excellent organic fertilizer for agriculture, thus closing the cycle of coffee.

Funghi Espresso

Funghi Espresso

Antonio di Giovanni co-founder Funghi Espresso (agronomist):
31 years old, he graduated in Environmental Management of Rural Landscape in Florence. He is interested by many years of recycling and reuse of organic waste and alternative techniques for waste management.
Since 2008 he is a member of Research Center of Zero Waste municipality of Capannori, specializing in the study of the residual material from the collection of municipal waste.
Antonio thinks that "Agriculture has a dual function: to produce good and healthy nutritious food for our needs and to offer environmentally-friendly services to the community (care of the landscape and environmental quality of the area)." In 2014 he founded with Vincent Sangiovanni, the startup "Funghi Espresso".

Vincent Sangiovanni, co-founder Funghi Espresso (Architect)
33, architect, graduated in Architecture and Interior Design in Rome.
Due to its desire to discover new things, it succeeds well to combine innovation and tradition, through the use of bio-materials such as wood, cardboard and bamboo.
In fact, his main passions are: bio-architecture, the biomimetic design and sustainable design techniques.
In addition, it also deals with studying ways to reduce waste and energy consumption related production processes.
With Antonio founded Funghi Espresso.

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