Exhibitors 2016



The ROBODRUM is an android that plays a drum. It has been created using a big number of controls, all handled by a single Arduino chip. This implies the needing to optimize the software.
The project has been created by recycling old stuff to show the possibilities existing in recycling and to apply problem solving abilities. It is also important to understand the economic value of things.
Creating a robot able to play music brings people who is listening to look for the background technical activity and the makers’ world.


Istituto Tecnico per il Settore tecnologico "G. Marconi" di Campobasso - corso Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica

The project has been followed by a group from three classes: III, IV and V of the electronics and electrotechnics course, with the help of their teachers and technicians.

  A7 (pav. 9)
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