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Fashion Fablab's clothes
Fashion Fablab's clothes

Fashion Fablab's clothes

The experiments of the Fashion Fablab this year produced three dresses.
The first one is a skirt that resemble shape and features of a volcano, thanks to a particular modeling and by the use of addressable LED strips programmed to simulate a lava flow.
The second one is an outfit that incorporates the stylistic dictates of Maleficent's costume, the "magic" effect is played by addressable LED strips.
The third dress sees the use of motors controlled by Arduino and sensors to realize a "moving" dress in which the sleeves are lifted in an autonomous way according to the temperature.

Fashion Fablab's clothes

Centro Moda Canossa - Fashion Fablab

The Fashion Fablab is our school's maker space, a vocational fashion school. Students who participate in the Fablab activities try to combine the use of Arduino and new technologies (3D printing - Body scanners) to the world of fashion. We love sensors, our aim is to design clothes with intelligent technology inserts, so clothes mixing the "beautiful and intelligent" binomial.

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