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Rediscovering ROB3
Rediscovering ROB3

Rediscovering ROB3

An old robotic arm (P&P mod. ROB3) which has been useless for years has been brought back to life thanks to the Arduino board.
The project was developed with the seventeen-year-old students from Recanati’s “E. Mattei” high school, and it required not only the use of the Arduino Uno board, but also the creation of motor driver interfaces.
The arm can be controlled via PC or gamepad, and the visitors will be able to interact with it during various activities arranged for the occasion.

Rediscovering ROB3

Classe IV C Telecomunicazioni dell'I.I.S. "E.Mattei" di Recanati (MC) - Italy

The class is composed by 14 students of Telecommunication Department.

  A8 (pav. 9)
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