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My Name is Writer, Robot Writer
My Name is Writer, Robot Writer

My Name is Writer, Robot Writer

Robot Writer is a robot that carries a pen and it is programmed to write down uppercase letters that fit in an A4 size paper.
It was constructed using Lego Mindstorms ev3 kit and it was programmed using the ev3 graphical programming language.

Users that interact with Robot Writer, can choose the letter or the word they want to be written down by the robot, via a user friendly interface based on combinations of colored lego blocks.
Children love it! It is ideal as a learning companion to children with special needs or learning disabilities.


My Name is Writer, Robot Writer

Robotics team of 1st High School of Komotini-Greece

We are the robotics team of 1st High School of Komotini. Komotini is a small town (50.000 inhabitants) in Northen Greece. The team consists of 25 students, 14-15 years old. Ms Glykeria Fotiadou is the team coach. She is a computer science teacher.For most of the team members it was the first year that they dealt with robotics.

  C40 (pav. 9) - 1st High School of Komotini - Komotini (Grecia)

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