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CareBag: I make a difference
CareBag: I make a difference

CareBag: I make a difference

The project CareBag consists in online commerce of assembly kits of eco sustainable and customizable bags, designed by a green designer. The product for starting is “CareBag – Olive line”. The kit, besides the bag, may include various accessories: Tablet and Mobile case, Multifunction Purse, Wallet. When a customer buys online a “CareBag – Olive line” receives at home a package with various components to be assembled, 100% natural, and with several customization options.
CareBag has a high educational value message, related to a different model of economics, based on the concept of craft production, and to its positive impact on the economic, social and environmental system.


CareBag: I make a difference

CARE srl

CARE is a spinoff of the University of Perugia that aims to promote a model of sustainable development based on circular economy and blue economy, to combine the needs of a complex economy with protection of environment and of ecosystem services. CARE is launching a new start-up idea, called Eco-commerce. It is a sustainability-based business model, not only for its marketing strategies, but especially for the use of exclusively natural, ecological or recycled materials, for the production of the articles put on sale. It is a little help to our planet, with a great educational message. The proposed project is part of this eco-commerce idea.

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