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Tecnologia indossabile
Tecnologia indossabile

Tecnologia indossabile

Bright fabrics, sensitive to touch fabrics, led fabrics, thermo-comfort fabrics, skincare fabrics, design fabrics. Nowadays the research in fashion looks into unknown territories. Technical-fashion for few people versus technological-fashion for everybody. This is the message of IPSAS Aldrovandi Rubbiani that proposes technological-style outfit.
A future fashion where technology and wearables are merged.

Tecnologia indossabile

Gruppo misto di alunne delle classi quarte e quinte dell'IPSAS Aldrovandi Rubbiani.

The team consists of students who attend final classes of IPSAS Aldrovandi Rubbiani’s Fashion Course . The work is the result of the Alternanza Scuola/Lavoro program, that year after year adds new important partners such as companies and organizations. For “Wearables technology” collaboration with FabLab Bologna is essential.

  B9 (pav. 9) - IPSAS "Aldrovandi Rubbiani" - Bologna (BO)

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