Exhibitors 2016



Tapuapu connects design with the passion for fashion.
Simple fashion accessories, realized with the latest digital technologies.
Bidimensional elements that become tridimensional when interlocked.
This is a new concept of fashion accessories that wishes to give the client the complete freedom to compose materials and shapes:
it can change continuously depending on the current fashion trends, the new production technologies and innovative materials.
TapuTapu=b×m×f×c = ∞
Today: b=1; m=2; c=15; f=5 TapuTapu= 1×2×15×5= 150
The current amount is just 150, but the potentiality is infinite!


KRICA design

Krizia and Jessica are friends by chance. Authentic Marchigiane girls who are always seeking for the most hidden treasures of their land, decide,
not by chance to start a new journey called Krica Design.
The purpose of this experience is to learn the "know how" techniques that are typical of the traditional handicraft, but with a contemporary approach that fits
the new digital era.
Krica wants to discover, to experiment and to have the chance to reinvent the handicraft through the revolutionary potentiality of the new digital
technologies, not only limited to the customization of the product, but supporting a new conception of the ancient professions.
Krica Design's main goal is to create objects that tell the story of the people we met and the places we have lived, ingredients that made these object's
realization possible.

  A9 (pav. 8)
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