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Pitturino + Cromofono
Pitturino + Cromofono

Pitturino + Cromofono

After taking or chosing a picture on the App Pitturino you can click on a pixel. The App will convert the color coordinates of the selected pixel into the correspondant printing color coordinates (CMYK).
The app sends that coordinates to Pittuino that moves the 5 peristaltic pumps (one for each fundamental color).
FInally Pitturino drops the correct amount of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Water on the palette. The painter can mix the 5 components and use them to paint on the canvas.

This year in addition to Pitturino I will show another tool or better another Musical Instrument : The Cromofono. It is a device that can play the color of a picture.
It takes as input the HSV color coordinate of the central pixel in a Viewfinder.
The note played will be proportional (tuend) to the HUE value (three octaves mapped to the 360 values of -HUE) and the volume will be proportional to the V coordinate (VALUE).

So a player-painter can draw with a color produced by pitturino tuned to the desired note and after he can plays that note with Cromofono and create music from colors.

Pitturino + Cromofono

Daniele Leandri

I am a programmer and a Designer graduated at La Sapienza University of Rome.
I love robotics, informatics and ... Art in every form:
Music, Painting and Sculpting,
Arduino is the node that keeps everything together and make me produce and play with art and informatics.
My projects are designed to let children play and keep the adults younger.

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