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Souvenir 4.0 in collaborazione con Tisky Tosky®
Souvenir 4.0 in collaborazione con Tisky Tosky®

Souvenir 4.0 in collaborazione con Tisky Tosky®

Version 4.0 is the evolution of the project “Tisky Tosky”, a brand of "3D printed souvenirs".
A “tecnological souvenir” that involves: 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, "Arduino" electronic cards, coding, IOT and RFID technologies; the whole can connect to a wireless network to display the real-time weather of the visited place. The FabLab works as catalyst to start-up a business project, in collaboration with "Sensei Team" which won for FabLab Palermo, the Intel contest "Make it" at Maker Faire 2015.


Souvenir 4.0 in collaborazione con Tisky Tosky®

FabLab Palermo APS

FabLab Palermo: it was born in Palermo as Cultural Association in 2013, from July 2015 became Social Promotion Association. Deals with activities related to "maker" culture and to digital craftsmanship. The FabLab Palermo currently has its headquarters at the "Maker Space" in the store "Leroy Merlin Palermo Mondello", with whom it collaborated for the diffusion of digital craft through the design and construction of objects, furniture and home furnishings by the use of laser cutting . FabLab Palermo is also supporting the start-ups as "Tisky Tosky", that was born from the idea of ​​'Arch. Marcella Pizzuto, chairman of the association, which has designed and built a brand of "3D printed souvenirs". The Tisky Tosky began to be sold in museum bookshops and in various outlets of Sicily. Electronic and informatic design and "IoT" of the technological and interactive version of Tisky Tosky have been made by the Sensei Team, winner of the contest "Make It" of Intel, at Maker Faire 2015.

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