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"Crusc8" is an easy and smart way to make an analog gauge for measuring everything and, in the meantime, to be a nice design object for our house or office. You can build it in fluorescent methacrylate and plywood with a laser cut machine. Crusc8 uses the same stepper motor assembled in our car dashboard and an Arduino board for driving it. Crusc8 may become wireless from its sensor with a cheap transceiver at 868 MHz. At the Maker Faire Rome Crusc8 will be presented in some versions for monitoring: humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, water and electricity consumptions.


Paolo Bonelli

My name is Paolo Bonelli, I got a degree in Atmospheric Physics, I worked as meteorologists at the Italian Air Force Meteorological Service and at some energy sector companies, where my work dealt with the application of meteorology to the renewable energies. I have always been enthusiast about scientific DIY, I began my experience into the world of Arduino and open electronics, making many circuits in the field of measurement and automation. I have a blog on this topic: paolometeo.blogspot.it. I am a membership of CISE2007 (www.cise2007.eu) where I took part to the ARETHA project (FB: https://www.facebook.com/Aretha-Project-307885346030194) for building a new kind of thermal solar panel with recycled materials. I founded the FB group "CoScienza Ambientale" and the web-site: http://paolob087.wix.com/coscienzambientale,
with the purpose to design and make instruments for the remote environmental monitoring. Since two years I collaborate with the Milano fablab space Wemake (www.wemake.cc).

  C16 (pav. 7) - Paolo Bonelli

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