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The project "#theartoflight" focuses on a special design of lanterns - not completed yet because in a continuous process of updating - using a recurrent spiral geometry.
This study is about finding and studying new ways of projecting natural light, that in this case is given by the candle placed inside the lanterns.
These products are monoblocks created with a 3D printer and some of them are the result of printing optimization experiments using Gcode: an informatic code generated by open-source programs and developed specifically for processing data intended to be sent to printers.
The presentation involves four lanterns, with similar spiral shape but different textures/materials and, therefore,creating different light projections.

Leonardo Notaro

Leonardo Notaro graduated at art school in the former "Roma 2" (now Enzo Rossi) in 2010 and the same year he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture (University of Rome La Sapienza) in CDL Industrial Design, graduating in December of 2013.
In the five months following his graduation, Leonardo began to design and to produce design objects as a hobby.
In May of 2014 he began to work for a Studio of architecture and design that works exclusively for BVLGARI, fine jewelry brand known internationally.
Meanwhile Leonardo continued to be personally active at project level, participating in Maker Faire Rome in 2015 with the faculty laboratory (where he worked for four years and still continues to make its contribution to some machines in the site), exposing a wooden inlay of 4m x 0.75m (production made possible thanks to a cutting plotter that the faculty possesses laboratory).
In the following year he has been also activated in the graphic field, which allowed him to create a professional identity, now known as "LNgraphics", creating;
1) a facebook page, which shares the graphics that "projects" and that creates.
2) an Instagram profile, which also made the work public through the press 3d and varied personal design.

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