Exhibitors 2016



JOINT4SIT is a line of wooden interlocking easy to assemble furniture and highly customizable with a contemporary design and comfortable.
This type of design allows the direct passage from concept design and planning to implementation to end user's hand, thus shortening the supply chain and the dichotomy designer and user.


Leonardo Ruggeri

Leonardo Ruggeri, born in Fabriano on 13/04/1991, majoring in Engineering Building-architecture, always curious and interested in new technologies and various disciplines and sciences such as design, architecture, digital fabrication, 3D modeling, rendering, 3d printing , home automation and all activities that require a mix of intellect and know-how. For about a year he collaborated actively with the Fablab Rinoteca Ancona actively developing many and interesting projects including JOINT4SIT.

  C17 (pav. 5) - Associazione Culturale Rinoteca

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