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Balance Bike
Balance Bike

Balance Bike

Balance Bike project was born with the aim to give a better aesthetic to a product that help coordination developments of children.
The idea is to use more simple and flexible production methods instead of expensive plastic molds.
The style of our Balance Bike is ispired by ‘60’-’70 Motorbike models, when there was just a motor, a saddle and a handlebar, not tons of plastics parts.
Children will have the opportunity to begin learning how to ride with a cool bike that dads and grandparents will appreciate and maybe even mums!

Balance Bike

Fablab Imola | Marco Martelli e Daniele Faro

Marco Martelli, born in Imola, is a 42 years old management engineer. Marco promote and coordinate projects that he like and, if they also have a social impact, is even better. He helps companies to improve their organization. He is also president of Fablab Imola, Digital Manufacturing Laboratory in Imola.

Daniel Faro, born in Ancona, is a 29 years old designer, with great skills in 3D modeling with Rhinoceros. He likes customize Motorcycles and Bicycles with his brand Ride on Works

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