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(b) alla quinta
(b) alla quinta

(b) alla quinta

(b) alla quinta is a seat designed as a furniture that accompanies the growth of the child during school age; during the five years of primary school, in fact, the child grows almost 35 cm.
Using a simple assembly system, the seat can change the height and fit to every ergonomic needs and physical differences between children.
The seat follow the growth of the baby in five steps, thanks to the modification of two elements that transform it in a rocking chair.

(b) alla quinta

Andreina Zene

Andreina Zene was born in Sassari in 1988, in 2013 she's graduated in Architecture at the University of Sassari with a final work on the innovation of spaces for learning, works in the field of digital manufacturing and promotion of digital technologies through innovative educational workshops and laboratories in schools .

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