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Ascensore didattico

Educational elevator, very useful for any technical school automation lab. Made by recycled parts, it can work autonomously or driven by any kind of external controller (PIC, Arduino, discrete logic, PLC, etc). The mainboard has been designed and produced by our school using Altera CPLDs. The elevator uses low cost and easily available sensor and actuators and allows complex exercises. It has six floors, a moving box with folding door, alarms and repeater switches for all sensors. A transmission module can be added.

Ascensore didattico

4° Automazione/3° Elettronica - ITT Giorgi Brindisi

The project was realized by a school teacher within the course of automatic systems and electronics, who first coordinated a group of students in the implementation of the control card, and then the overall system

  D13 (pav. 4) - ITT G. Giorgi - Brindisi

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