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MONTESSORI 3D” maximizes the usability and inclusivity of Montessorian pedagogy, now recognized also at the neuroscientific level, in all educational contexts. The project aspires to reproduce Montessori material through 3D printing, laser cutting and other technologies. This will allow for a greater access to the material while reducing overall costs. We also produce those “precious” little pieces that have been lost and to fix broken material.
We believe in the educational opportunities that the Montessori method provides. Indeed, neuroscience has confirmed that its pedagogy is highly effective when it comes to forming the mind. With these beliefs as our basis, we wish to lead a project of research and development that will allow us to identify and overcome the obstacles that limit the diffusion of the Montessori method in Italian public schools, as opposed to its proliferation in other parts of the world where it has been generously adopted and integrated.
Through research, we would like to apply the principles of this pedagogy to the development of new material that will be utilized for both didactic and recreational purposes. Our mission is to facilitate the learning process as Doctor Montessori intended it.


Iliana Morelli

Iliana Morelli is the founder and manager of Boboto, a company founded with the goal of promoting activities focused on the world of education, social inclusion and social innovation through collaboration with public and private bodies, research organizations and society civil. Iliana is the creator of the 3D project MONTESSORI, Boboto's project designed to make Montessori pedagogy the most enjoyable and inclusive in all educational settings, in school and out of school, with teachers, and with the family.
Iliana holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication at the University of Perugia and a Master in Event Organization at the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma. In 2014 she specialized in co-ordinating Childhood Educational Services with montessor focus at Roma Tre University and completed a Multiple Intelligence course organized by the Erickson Study Center.
Iliana is a founding member of the Coderdojo Lecce club and has worked as a format and mentor for children and girls at the project # HPECode4Lecce, a project by the City of Lecce (Department of Community Policies and the Department of Public Education) in collaboration with HP Enterprise, Which aimed to innovate the whole educational, childcare and vocational training, supporting pedagogical and didactic models with innovative technologies.
He is responsible for the education section under the "X-OFF" review. Conversations on the Future "organized by the Association Spreading Ideas of Value. He has taught teacher training courses on educational robotics and computational thinking in childhood in collaboration with the Cetma and the University of Salento.
He is a reference in Salento of Fondazione Montessori Italia with whom he collaborates frequently.
His dream is to see children and children around the world grow up in educational and family contexts that give them the chance to develop their innate talent.

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