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Wingsuit VR Vitruvian Game
Wingsuit VR Vitruvian Game

Wingsuit VR Vitruvian Game

Flight simulator of a wingsuit through virtual reality and an electronically controlled mechanism that reminds Vitruvian man of Leonardo Da Vinci. The person inside controls the flight with joystick and wears a backpack that wirelessly (thanks to the battery) allows to create virtual reality with viewers.
You can fly anywhere for a unique experience.
The engines, in full security, allow the person to move like a gyroscope.

Wingsuit VR Vitruvian Game

FabLab Network

Busnet.it - The company is developing a mobile application and the Control Board (Omar, Samuele, Niccolò)
MINGARDO DESIGNER FABBER - Daniele is the blacksmith who will make the custom rings and all the iron parts.
Michele Ghedina (design applicativo) - The person who developed the executive prototype on CAD.

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