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Making Moving Healing

'making moving healing' is a built structure and psychosomatic practice, where the human body moves to draw ephemeral geometric forms evolving in space and time. The body drawings are guided by the geometry of the built physical elements. The beauty of mathematics inspires moving meditations, promoting physical alignment and mental focus. The project is inspired by my experience of survivor of bullying; meditating and moving according to geometry promoted physical and mental empowerment.

Making Moving Healing

Daniela Bertol

Daniela Bertol is a cross-disciplinary research artist, designer, maker, mover and author, combining scholarly research with artistic expression. She has been exploring the convergences between art, science, mathematics, and technology for three decades and authored several books and academic articles. "Designing Digital Space" (John Wiley, 1996) was the first book on Virtual Reality in architecture. Her work uses multiple media in the analog and digital worlds, and covers different scales ranging from land and performance art to computational design and video. She is currently studying the the geometric form of human movement and cognitive states from an art and neuroscience perspective, within a doctoral research.

  C14 (pav. 9) - Daniela Bertol

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