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A girl coming from a foreign planet goes back to her birthplace after 20 years and remembers the legend that her grandmother used to tell her when she was a child...

An ancient legend from Trentino narrates that from the first breath each one of us is victim of a magical bewitching that links every person to places where memories were created, where time slipped by and where you could feel yourself, at home...
And that exact deep breath builds up the soul, the roots.

When I was a child and my grandmother used to tell me this story, her gentle blow would cuddle my skin.
Now that I am light years far away from home I still feel it; that bewitching is what keeps me anchored to my birthplace.

Get ready to look into my dream, listen to the ticking that marks the flow of time, follow the breathe that has kept me awake for more than 20 years...


All the fabrics are recycled from industry waste.
The dress is one of the Splash designer’s projects.


Marcella Pozza, Nicola Pozza

The brand ‘Splash designer’ was created to give vent to the knitwear designer Marcella’s creativity.
The clothes are handcrafted following the whole productive process, from the sketch to the presentation to the costumer.
Her curiosity and creativity push her to look for new impetus and discover fresh realities, also through travels.
She is a nature and environment lover and has a great excitement for the new technologies, therefore she includes all those elements in her artworks.
Her real passion is the knitwear, which has been passed down to her by the grandmother.

Nicola is 16 years old and attends his fourth year of high school at the Technical Technological Institute, specifically studying electronics and automation.
He is fond of new technologies and took care of the dress’ Arduino programming with great enthusiasm.

  B29 (pav. 9)
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