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Muybridge's Revenge - Optical Toys and Paper Machines

Muybridge's Revenge optical toys are cardboard models to fold and glue composed of a player and a set of images that can then be animated.
The assembly doesn’t need any particular skills: you can just follow the intuitive instructions step by step, and the model is put together in no time.
They are aimed, in particular, at companies that produce and distribute corporate gadgets, art, promo-marketing items, movable books, educational tools, toys and models for enthusiasts and collectors.

Muybridge's Revenge - Optical Toys and Paper Machines

Federico Perricone

Federico Perricone received the Architecture degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin discussing a thesis about utopian imaginary and design. For over ten years, he worked in the film industry as an assistant director and a storyboard artist. In this field, he teached many job training sessions for professional schools, agencies for work and universities for communication & media studies. Currently, he teaches courses on basic technology to middle school students.
He is a stereoscopy, paper automata and pop-up book enthusiast and loves cinema - of course.
He is father and husband of two beautiful and very clever women. Lives in Rome.

  C26 (pav. 8) - Federico Perricone

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