Exhibitors 2017

Soccer Robot
Soccer Robot

Soccer Robot

The previous school year, in order to participate to the RomeCup competition, we formed a group of students that would build a footballer robot (completly indipendent).
The robot, through a camera and sensors with an appropriately programmed algorithm, is able to play a football game against another robot.
The components needed were bought thanks to a crowd funding on the Eppela website.
The robot's structure was completly built by us, students.

Soccer Robot

Liceo Scientifico Bruno Touschek (Grottaferrata RM)

We are a group of 15 boys and girls of the Bruno Touschek highschool, all sharing the desire of trying something new and highly innovative and that goes beyong the usual highschool formation.
Our wish was to have confrontation with a reality that is going through an exponential growth and that will certantly have a good ripercussion on our future.
Our aim is to create a "know-how" that will be shared with future students of our school.

  C16 (pav. 4)
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