Exhibitors 2017

I tuoi viaggi con Mayo

The tent's goal it's helping the kids to understand and deal with emotions thanks to the galactic spaceship of Mayo the alien. Throughout some cards and a consolle the kids will be able to match what they have done and they have felt during the day. The cards will facilitate the placement of the things done in their respective macroworlds. Then inside will be created a light frequency linked to the emotions felt.

I tuoi viaggi con Mayo

Diletta Piarulli, Michele Di Corato, Giacomo Ciresola, Konstantinos Charilaou

Diletta has attended 'Simone Weil' artistic high school.
Michele has attended 'Vincenzo Foppa' artistic high scool.
Giacomo has attended 'Enrico Fermi' scientific high school.
Konstantinos has attended artistic high school of Cyprus.
We are all attending IED (Product Design course).

  A15 (pav. 4) - D. Piarulli, M. Di Corato, G. Ciresola, K. Charilaou

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