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Cleep - Wearable Experience Camera
Cleep - Wearable Experience Camera

Cleep - Wearable Experience Camera

Cleep is the world’s first experience band that allow you take photo and video from your wrist.

With a full hd camera with a 140 degree view angle you don’t need a screen to watch what you are photographing.
Just point into the direction you want to photograph and tap. Simply and smart!

It was designed for all people who love to freeze a particular moment in all day life without to put off the phone each time you want to take a photo, so also hands-free.

The easy to tap button is positioned in the top part of the bracelet, slightly turned toward user, so the gesture to take photo is natural and easy to do. Just tap to record a 9 second video or choose photo mode to take an Cleep photo.

An haptic feedback with an intermittent led ensure you that the photo is taken, another vibration advise you it’s saved.

Cleep has an internal 8gb memory to take many photos and videos from your wrist before to download it on the smartphone though the apposite app using bluetooth and wifi.

From this point you can choose to share your moment on your preferred social network or simply save on your device to re-watch everytime when you want.The 500mah battery ensure the use during the day taking hundred of photos and almost 30 minutes videos.

Cleep - Wearable Experience Camera

Giulio Cesarelli

Hi my name is Giulio and i'm in love with innovation.

Since i was young i really like test and make strange things with technologies. Growing up i never lose my passion about innovation and tech world.

I build my first startup at 21 years old, it miserably failed! :)
( but i learned many things about startups! )

Since then i never lose this incredibile world of innovation mainly for two reason: first because i love it! Second because i can keep in touch with extraordinary people, hungry of passion and creativity.

If you're reading here maybe you are like me so let's keep in touch ;)


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