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Pellet Extrusion Made Possible
Pellet Extrusion Made Possible

Pellet Extrusion Made Possible

For 3D Printing applications we built a Pellet Extruder with the following characteristics:
- small and lightweight
- compatible with Prusa i3 and many other 3D printers
- throughput: 30 - 300 g/h
- nozzles: 0.8 - 3 mm
- successfully tested with PLA, ABS, PC-ABS, TPU, PC, PP, HIPS
- managed by most common firmware (e.g. Marlin, Repetier, ecc.)
- uses standard *.gcode files generated by most common slicing programs (e.g. Slic3r)

Pellet Extrusion Made Possible

Elisa and Paolo Legnani

3D printing enthusiasts since 2012, Elisa (physics student) and Paolo (Chem. Eng. with 20+ years in the plastic industry) have been busy building 3D printers and 3D Fox, an Android App to control them.
They recently embraced the challenge to build a Pellet Extruder compatible with RepRap printers and able to process a wide selection of thermoplastic materials, from PLA to Polycarbonate.
They started with a Powder Extruder and finally built a reliable Pellet Extruder that, mounted on a robotic arm, was able to print large lamps, including a 1 meter diameter one, showcased at Fuori Salone 2017 in Milan.

  A10 (pav. 8) - Elisa and Paolo Legnani

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