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Plants Play
Plants Play

Plants Play

Plants Play is a pocket device that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees. Through two electrodes settled on the leaves, Plants Play converts electric plant variations into music notes, and send them by bluetooth on your smartphone. The Plants Play app for iOs/Android, lets you easily customize the instruments, rules and effects to create music by Plants. You can listen to live or recorded music and share it on your social networks. The App shows you the electrical activity of the plant in real-time, and you can figure out when you and the Plant are connected.

Plants Play

Edoardo Taori

Edoardo Taori, born in 1985 in a small mountain village between Lazio and Abruzzo, once called Ponza, the current Arcinazzo Romano (IT). As a child, he tries to find out what the world around him is made of, practicing many sports; he cultivated his artistic skills and spend considerable time learning science. Growing, he focused his studies on music composition and the nature of sound. Currently, he combines the passion for Natural Agriculture with the Music. Thanks to this combination borns the latest works with the Music of the Plants. He is author of the book "Traveling on the Song of Trees". Music and divination cards of Northern India and Nepal.
Now he is CEO & Founder of the Plants Play S.r.l. Startup that makes devices that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees.

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