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DUFI-  imparare giocando
DUFI-  imparare giocando

DUFI- imparare giocando

In a world where interactive attractions are increasingly engrossed in the daily lives of individuals, aware that traditions are not abandoned and that the best way to learn any kind of game is to play, DUFI is born. What is DUFI? It's an interactive game for kids from 3 to 6 years old, combining tradition with technology. The purpose of DUFI is to guide the child in learning physical quantities through a fun and intuitive design.
DUFI was born from the redesign of the traditional game of colored circles to be inserted into a wooden structure. It is made up of a light base and 6 triangles of different sizes. The game begins when the base will give a colored input that will match a triangle of a certain size, so the child will understand which triangle to choose to put into the base. When it is completed, the child will have a sequence in ascending or descending order. The logic of the game is to be able to recognize different sizes using color as a distinctive element. The color scale used is RGB (increasing order: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Pink), as it facilitates the child in color-size association.

DUFI-  imparare giocando

Leonardo Fumagalli, Giulia Grandi, Enrica Lauricella, Francesco Noli, Lu Chi Ju

We are 5 IED students attending the third year of product design course. Thanks to our inclinations and our interests, we have created DUFI, an interactive and educational game for children.

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