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reHub improve your hands
reHub improve your hands

reHub improve your hands

reHub is an online platform and open-source kit that will help you monitor athletes, rehabilitation patients and musicians hands and fingers movement.
Who wears reHub glove will have digital data available in order to constantly monitor their progress. They can run exercises independently even at a distance and review the training sessions.
Team reHub have been working on the design of the glove and electronical components.
News comes also in the field of collaborations and production of reHub glove: anyone can buy our kit to make customized gloves to suit their needs.
Team reHub has also shared its open source software and communication APIs in a GitHub repository.

reHub improve your hands

Sara Savian e Mauro Alfieri

Sara Savian (www.sarasavian.com) is a Milano based designer and maker.
As former student of Fashion design at Milano’s Politecnico University and Textile designer at Wien’s Applied Art University, she works as freelance in autoproduction, social and ethical fashion fields. Among her main clients you can find Maison Matthan Gori atelier for bridal gowns and Cooperativa Sociale Alice’s collection Sartoria Sanvittore.
She collaborates with WeMake’s makerspace since 2014 where she developed Digital Fashion: lasercut for fashion training class project presented together with Claudia Scarpa during the previous Maker Faire ( digitalfashion.it ).
In WeMake’s variegated world she has the opportunity to share knowledge and discover new technologies, in particular within Arduino and wearable’s field, hence her collaboration with Mauro Alfieri and the Arduino User Group.

My name is Mauro Alfieri and I consider myself a curious person. I like to study and get deeper knowledge of various topics. Thanks to my resourceful radio engineer father I approached the world of electronics for the first time at the age of ten. Three years later I discovered computer science and programming languages together with model-making: this combination of knowledge helped me homebuild my first model of anthropomorphic arm. Computer passion turned into work as I become a freelance consultant for small businesses first and then for IBM, BPCI, Fastweb, BCC, Allianz, SNAM, etc ...
Discovering Arduino (arduino.cc) in 2009 brought me back to some old passions. My active participation during Arduino’s events made me decide to share my knowledge: since 2010 I run a blog, www.mauroalfieri.it ,where l write about breakthroughs and insights with over 700 posts available today.
The urge to realize digital fabrication projects arrived when I joined WeMake Milan’s Makerspace as a member in 2014. Sharing electronics/informatics knowledge and being able to make real products with the community was the first step that then led to wearables technologies thanks to Sara Savian's projects inspiration.

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