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Cartalana Gioielli di Carta
Cartalana Gioielli di Carta

Cartalana Gioielli di Carta

Cartalana is: recycling paper / wool has hand spindle, an instrument used since pre-historic times to transform wool and other fibers into yarn. From the combination of these two ancient elements comes the wool of recycling paper, to create unique jewelry, eco-friendly and modern designed. The yarn is made from newspapers, advertising flyers, mail letters and any other type of paper with low weight and low porosity. Cartalana proposes a concept of preciousness no longer linked to materials, in this case as simple as paper, but to the ethical value of completed projects. The artifacts give new value to the artisan tradition by being expression of the contemporaneity and its continuous mutability.

Cartalana Gioielli di Carta

Marcella Stilo

Marcella Stilo, class 1983.
Of classical training, takes his university studies in communication.
For several years has been involved in marketing and public relations for events linked to the world of cinema, theater, visual arts, publishing and fashion.
In 2012 undertakes a new creative path and founded the Cartalana brand.
Later he attended the course in the design of the jewel at the POLI.Design of Milan.

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