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LILI-1 Una centralina low-cost per il monitoraggio della qualità dell'aria

LILI-1 is a prototype based on Arduino of a low-cost air quality platform developed for urban environment applications. It allows measuring meteoclimatic parameters and principal air quality pollutants (NO2, O3, PM2.5/10). Furthermore, it can be continuously connected to a smartphone allowing geolocation and informing the user about pollutants levels. It can integrate fixed stations that usually provide low spatial resolution data and can be used in smaller towns or in developing regions.
By now, it has been compared with reference stations and has been tested in the city of Rome.

LILI-1 Una centralina low-cost per il monitoraggio della qualità dell'aria

Luca Shindler

Luca Shindler is a young Environmental Engineer. Always enthusiastic about technology and environment, he has focused his studies and research on the development of models and techniques applied to the environment. He had the Master's Degree at Sapienza University of Rome, concerning atmospheric dispersion modelling applied to the city of Manfredonia. He obtained his PhD from Sapienza University of Rome in 2011 with a project concerning the development of innovative methods applied to environmental fluid dynamics. He subsequently worked as an environmental consultant and served as a young researcher at the National Research Council of Italy, developing air quality monitoring techniques applied to the urban area of Campania Region. Currently he works for the National firm for Nuclear Decommissioning, covering the role of environmental technician. In his spare time he continues to work on the development of prototypes for environmental applications, also in collaboration with research organizations and universities.

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