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Filo Tag
Filo Tag

Filo Tag

Filo is a small Bluetooth tracking device that helps you find your valuables with the help of a free app. Every day we spend 10 minutes searching for our misplaced valuables. Filo is a device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology,
that helps you quickly retrieve your valuables and have them at your fingertips in no time. Filo communicates with your phone through an app that is available for devices with iOS and Android. Attach Filo to your valuables and from the App, you can:
- Make your Filo ring and retrieve your valuables.
- Push Filo’s button in order to make your smartphone ring, even if it is in silent mode.
- Check the last seen position of Filo to see where you last left your valuables.

Filo Tag

Giorgio Sadolfo, Francesco Ceccherelli, Stefania De Roberto, Andrea Gattini

CEO and Co-Founder of Filo. Giorgio has 15 years of experience in the IT sector and a lifetime of innovation and technology. Giorgio has worked as Senior IT Consultant and trainer for many international companies and projects. Co-Founder of .NET Campus, the biggest Italian conference on Microsoft Technologies and Operational Manager of Technical Conference in Italy
Francesco (Lapo) Ceccherelli CCO: Art Director & Graphic Designer. I’ve been working for several years in advertising agencies, such as
Leo Burnett.
Stefania De Roberto CTO.
I graduated in Computer Engineering and I started to develop when I was 19. Since the beginning, I have been interested in mobile developing, especially Android apps. My passion for computers started when I was a child and played every strategy game. Today, I still haven’t stopped doing it.
Andrea Gattini: CMO
I graduated in Economics, passionate about Growth Hacking and Lateral Advertising. Everyday the first thing I think about is analytics. I love focusing on data and taking decision through them. I practice 2 different styles of Karate 5 days per week: Wado-Ryu and Shinseikai.

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