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pulsar moonlight
pulsar moonlight

pulsar moonlight

A little initiative born for charity in 2014 that went viral in 2017 and now counts several planets, satellites, stars in every continent, all hand painted by me :)

The aim is to help, learn and have fun lighting up spaces.
lamps are very tough, totally made in Italy, non-toxic and recyclable :)

The daily work in progress and can be followed on Facebook :) Anyone can ask for new celestial bodies or customizations!

pulsar moonlight


I am an astrophysicist and was born near Rome. Since when i was very young, my love for science and art made me a very curious and, in a way, peculiar girl. Growing up i had to choose and my main road took me to the stars, but meantime I developed a true admiration for anyone who was able to re-create or imitate nature through art. Some years ago I started volunteering and struggling to find a way to get more money, so i decided to try with recycled material: my first lamp was a Tiffany made with rice paper. The second I was asked for was the Moon and i was a little bit scared my the commitment: Moon is very special to many of us!. It was the first of a long row that pushed me to challenge myself with Earth, Sun, Mars, Saturn and its rings and many more. I opened a small online shop in 2014 and the idea went viral in March 2017. At the moment i have 8 imitators worldwide that are trying to get the same results without spending so much time and money, but, as to now, no plastic mold could reproduce hand brush painting.. I have really fun getting the lamps updated as soon as new space images are sent us from new missions and hope that my effort will really help to spread science information and help science communicators with their work: expecially for children touching is very important and my lamps are made to be touched and explored :)) light, learn and have fun :)))

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