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MOTOIL- Chain Oiler
MOTOIL- Chain Oiler

MOTOIL- Chain Oiler

The MOTOIL is an Automatic oiler with electronic setup for the chain of the motorbike.
The best lubricant for the motorbike chain is the oil that inevitably, because of the centrifugal force, is quickly expelled by the chain leaving it dry.
We are forced to a very frequent oiling to have a well-oiled chain .
We have designed an automatic oiler to obviate to this problem and moreover to save money, time, and to eliminate the jobs related to the maintenance of the chain.
Our oiler, with Arduino and the employment of a mini-peristaltic pump, will dose the oil only when the gps will receive the signal of movement.
Infact, the great difference in comparison to the existing oiler is that the lubrication will be active only when the motorbike is moving, avoiding, for example, the dripping of the oil, when we stop on a red headlight. Everything will be checked through a dedicated app, so it won't be necessary to install any switch or regulator on the motorbike.
The system will be composed by:
The system is so efficient that it can be crossed more than 2000 km with only 70cc of oil
The best oil it is the common and economic oil for cars gear, the 80W90,
The pump ensures an accurate dosing and it's not influenced by the temperature of the oil
This is the heart of the project, , the gps module activates the pump, only when the movement of the motorbike is noticed, the regulation of the oiling happens through the set of the frequency, with an activation every 4 minutes, but also with the duration of the pumping, to set the quantity of delivered oil.
Everything under control with the smartphone!
We can make the setup from smatphone screen, frequency and quantity, without any interference with the motorbike electronic.

Some automatic oilers already exist, but they are not able to stop the dosing when the bike stops. With the MOTOIL the oil is dosed only when we need it, that is when the motorbike is in running.

MOTOIL- Chain Oiler

Enrico Pucci, Claudia Pucci, Elena Pucci

Enrico Pucci, born in Rome in 1966, architect, designer, art director and especially biker.
Claudia Pucci, born in Latina in 2005, student, sports enthusiast, basket and soccer player, great dexterity and interest in automation.
Elena Pucci, born in Rome in 2000, student, athletic, great traveller, marketing is her core business.

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