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Io la stampa 3D la faccio così
Io la stampa 3D la faccio così

Io la stampa 3D la faccio così

The project is formed by a new control software and a electronics card that moves a three-axis 3d printer. The electronic card in PTH (Pin Through Hole) technology is easy to build and can be repaired. It is equipped with 7 power modules for step motors (3 for axes and 4 for extruders), 2 different heated bed, 2 cooling fans etc.
The software is very intuitive and is full of exclusive features. It can enable four hardware extruders and many software extruders. The user also will not have to insert any extra line in the gcode file generated by the slicer to cleaning the nozzle, for the filament change, stop at a fixed layer, etc.
The kit is mounted on a 3D printer that is that smallest existing in color.

Io la stampa 3D la faccio così


Roberto Saraceno was born in Augusta (Siracusa) on March 21, 1969. He studied Basic programming in his Commodore 64 but also electronics reading some of his father's electronics magazines. It has build many electronics mounting boxes and begins to design the first electronics cards using the acquired knowledge. He then makes some software that he publishes through specialized journals. In 2005, it developed a PIC microcontroller development tool that was very easy to use, especially for non-experts. In the following years he continues to search for something that could combine computer and mechanical electronics. In 2014, it is running one of the first 3D printers and decides to build one. It documents the Internet on existing models and builds a Prusa I3 mounting the Arduino + Ramps 1.4 kit. Designs with a cad of the new pieces to assemble a new model with modifications and decides to use the experience gained in the electronics to design and build a new electronics card with 4 different extruders so you can mix up to 4 colors. To use the card,he write Kontrol3d software that can interface with the electronics card, interpret a gcode file, and control many processes while printing.

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