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In 2008, 30% of the world's deaths were caused by heart problems.
Intellihearts is a platform for storing, analyzing and visualizing real-time heart problems, consisting of a device (a watch) that measures electrocardiogram (ECG), cardiac frequency, blood pressure, oxygenation and patient / user history and a cloud platform for the real-time classification of arrhythmias and other types of cardiovascular problems.
The platform is based on deep learning algorithms for the correct classification of each beat.


Vincenzo Dentamaro, Paolo Rotolo, Anna Labellarte, Umberto Cataldo De Pace.

Vincenzo Dentamaro: Graduated in Computer Science University of Bari, Machine Learning Specialization Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA, CEO Nextome, formerly Software Engineer at IBM and Johnson Controls

Paolo Rotolo: Android Developer, Computer Science Student with a passion for Open Source. In July 2013 he got the Ubuntu membership and founded Numix, a project (later an LTD) with the aim of improving the design of Linux and Android distributions. Developer Nextome.

Anna Labellarte: Android Developer, Computer Engineering Student with a passion for Open Source.

Umberto Cataldo De Pace:As a web marketing consultant, he founded in 2012 the webzine "Eleganza del Gusto - FOR MEN WHO LIKE TO LIVE" dedicated to the beautiful elegant living of which he is the Editor. In 2017 he becomes president of the cultural association that gives the name to the web magazine and organizes around Italy dedicated events, especially to the excellence of the high Italian craftsmanship. Self-taught in the communications industry, he is also an industrial design expert and teaches AutoCAD design

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