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motore a combustione interna stampato in 3D

motore a combustione interna stampato in 3D

It’s a perfectly working 3D printed replica of a internal combustion engine. The model reproduces perfectly all the mechanisms and movements typical of these types of engines.The model is complete with alternator, cooling fan, the distributor, the exhaust pipe and duct inspiration with airbox. There is a belt which connect the engine with the cooling fan and the alternator. The project is aimed at both the curious enthusiast to understand the operation of an internal combustion engine and for education scope so that students can better understand the functioning and Physical laws that are behind a engine.


motore a combustione interna stampato in 3D

Flavio Di Gregorio

I'm a graduate student who is passionate about mechanics and 3d printers. I was born with the passion for engines, when I was 9 I started to compete with go karts in single-car category where I managed to win the eighth place to the world championship. With the go karts I was able to approach the world of mechanics and understand many notions about the dynamics of a vehicle. This year I have knew the world of 3D printers through which I managed to achieve a perfectly functioning reproduction of a internal combustion engine which I have submitted to the oral exam of high school.

  B13 (pav. 8) - Associazione Smart Lab

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