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Sensewear is a collection of smart garments inspired by therapies applied to Sensory Processing Disorders typical with autism. Anxiety, stress, panic attack are most typical autism’s symptoms but more and more people suffers them, therefore the collection is not addressed only to people with disabilities but it is aiming at enhancing everyone busy urban life. Sensewear includes a smart t-shirt that collect vital data and send signals to an application that can activate other garments of the collection like an inflatable jacket, a chewable necklace or a musical poncho.
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emanuela corti, ivan parati, alessia moltani

Emanuela Corti holds a degree in Furniture and Textiles Design from Milan’s Polytechnic but worked in several fields as trend scouter, design strategist, interior designer, educator. Her expertise encouraged further exploration at the intersection between product design and fashion and gave birth to the sensewear project. She’s working since 2015 on developing the collection.
Ivan Parati, graduated in Product Design at Polytechnic as well, has a multifaceted experience in product, interior design, furniture, branding, interaction, generative design, and digital fabrication. He is expert in modular structures and patterns that uses to generate innovative open source products and enhance material performances. He participated at the initial concept design and prototypization of the sensewear and its following development. Apart from overall conceptualization his design efforts were focusing on the application of digital manufacturing processes applied to the garment making integrating the tailoring tasks and pattern making.
Alessia Moltani has a degree in fashion design from Milan’s Istituto Marangoni and she’s the CEO and founder of ComfTech, the perfect solution in design and production of wearable biomedical systems, in the form of items of clothing that in collaboration with Universities and Institutions develops wearable monitoring systems for many applications. She got involved in the second phase of the sensewear when the presence of an underwear smart vest was included in the collection.

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