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MIX - Museum Interaction Experience
MIX - Museum Interaction Experience

MIX - Museum Interaction Experience

MIX is an interactive app for the promotion and communication of Cultural Heritage.
It's the possibility to visualize and interact with different kind of informations in an immersive environment, but without losing the link with reality. On the contrary, the possibilities that MIX offers are based on the relation between real and virtual objects. The main scope concerns the promotion and fruition of cultural heritage through digital technologies. In these process two companies are involved: a first one working on 3D prototyping and a second ones developing software for augmented reality.

MIX - Museum Interaction Experience

TryeCo 2.0 srl e weAR srl

TryeCo 2.0 develops the techniques of reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, through many years of professional experience, with the purpose to improve and expand services once provided mostly for engineers and designers. In the last ten years, the company has participated in many museal project, expanding and adapting the application of reverse engineering and 3D modeling in the field of promotion and conservation of cultural heritage. Employing the most advanced techniques and equipment now available, TryeCo 2.0 has a specialized team able to obtain high quality data at architectural scale as well as at sculptural details level. Starting from this kind of data TryeCo 2.0 provides also 3D printing services and the possibility to create physical copies at different scales. To support cultural communication the company creates videos and animations using advanced computer graphic.
See here what they do: http://www.tryeco.com/

WeAR works on augmented reality and wearable devices. The company has developed an app called MARKO. It is a Manual in Augmented Reality, Kit in Overlay or rather a Software as a Service that uses mobile augmented reality to solve training and online support of workers in a new way. With MARKO, every company can assemble their instruction manuals quickly and easily. Workers can easily access augmented instructions with a mobile app installed on smartphone, tablet, or smartglasses. The new challenge for WeAR is to develop a similar approach to work on the scientific conservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

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