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L.E.O., acronym "Learning Environment Onwards", was born from the collaboration of two young people, Davide Aloisi and Alessio Di Brigida, following various experiences as robotics teachers with boys of all ages. At the end of their courses, the two young men come to think of an idea: to make an innovative way of teaching in the classrooms, elaborating a useful tool to explain any matter and at the same time to involve the boys. This platform is extremely easy to use for both teachers and pupils. To operate L.E.O. , in fact, no specific computer skills are required: the device can move on a grid and is equipped with a display and five buttons; Using this scheme and adding a fantasy pinch, teachers can create educational paths specific to each didactic matter.


Davide Aloisi e Alessio Di Brigida

My name is Davide Aloisi (Rome, 1995) graduated in electronics and telecommunications in 2014 at the Galileo Galilei Institute in Rome, currently a student of automation engineering at Sapienza and participated in several projects in the field of automation, including robots of the category " lightweight "winners of Robocup in Brazil in 2014.
My name is Alessio Di Brigida and I'm a maker. Since I was six years old, I started doing electronics and robotics experiments and I've always been keen to find out what's behind and how things works.
I participated in national and international robotics competitions (Robocup) and I always look for new projects to be carried out.
In addition, for two years, I have been teaching robotics to people from all the schools.

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