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Intellihearts is an analytics and visualization platform for real-time prediction of cardiovascular diseases, composed by a wearable and cloud platform(deep-learning).
In 2008, 30% of the world's deaths were caused by heart problems.
Intellihearts is a platform for storing, analyzing and visualizing real-time heart problems, consisting of a device (a watch) that measures electrocardiogram (ECG), cardiac frequency, blood pressure, oxygenation and patient / user history and a cloud platform for the real-time classification of arrhythmias and other types of cardiovascular problems.
The platform is based on deep learning algorithms for the correct classification of each beat.


Vincenzo Dentamaro - Paolo Rotolo - Anna Labellarte - Umberto Cataldo De Pace

Vincenzo Dentamaro: Graduated in Computer Science University of Bari, Machine Learning Specialization Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA, CEO Nextome, formerly Software Engineer at IBM and Johnson Controls

Paolo Rotolo: Android Developer, Computer Science Student with a passion for Open Source. In July 2013 he got the Ubuntu membership and founded Numix, a project (later an LTD) with the aim of improving the design of Linux and Android distributions. Developer Nextome.

Anna Labellarte: Android Developer, Computer Engineering Student with a passion for Open Source.

Umberto Cataldo De Pace: Enterpreneur, design teacher, founder de: L'eleganza del gusto

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