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Apparati e sensori IOT LoRa industriali e Smart Cities

Apparati e sensori IOT LoRa industriali e Smart Cities

We design sensors, gateways and network server software for IOT applications using LoRa technology.
Examples of sensors that will be presented include:
- pressure / temperature sensors
- parking sensors
- vibration and tilt sensors
- wearable devicesfor people tracking
We will also present our gateways for both commercial and industrial applications.
In addition to the above, we will also present the software we have developed for the management of both sensors and gateways.

Apparati e sensori IOT LoRa industriali e Smart Cities

Eugenio Sabatella e Massimo Marini

Eugenio Sabatella, founder and CEO of ProEsys S.r.l., has over 30 years of experience in software, complex electronic hardware and avionics module development for safety-critical systems, with emphasis on military and civil aviation and RF/SATCOM systems:
• 10 years of experience as CTO in electronic industry
• More than 5 years as software and hardware specialist in primary RF/ SATCOM and avionics companies.
• Engineering consultancy to prestigious Italian avionics companies including: Galileo Avionica, Selex-ES, MES and others.
Academic Background: Eugenio Sabatella holds a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from “La Sapienza” University of Rome and attended to pursuit a doctorate degree in Electronic Engineering at University of “Roma

Massimo Marini, CTO of ProEsys, has more than 20 years of experience in Satellite, Telecommunication and SCADA systems:
• 6 years spent as CTO of a R&D company specialized in maritime SATCOM antennas in KU and KA band.
• CTO and CEO in companies specialized in monitoring systems for Radio/TV broadcasting, maturing extensive experience in terrestrial and satellite contribution and distribution networks.
• Management of complex projects in Italy, Middle East, North Africa, USA for primary customers like Eutelsat, Intelsat, Nokia-Siemens, Selex Communications, ENI, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Government and Institutional Customers.
Academic Background: Massimo Marini holds a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

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